XP Soil

A unique blend of 100% vegetative compost combined with a microbial rich source of composted Peat, Humic Acid and Perlite to give your plants superior performance, Micro Maxx XP Soil has been specially blended to provide your plants with the ultimate nutritional material necessary for plant growth, health and quality.

Not all composts are created equal and some lack the essentials to provide your plant with the ultimate nutritional materials. Our compost is 100% vegetative in nature and contains no BioSolids or any other substandard materials. Combined with Humic Acid (which has long been associated with increased root growth, better nutrient uptake, and increased plant vigor and health), Micro Maxx XP Soil is manufactured to stringent composting standards and batch tested for pathogens and toxicity, giving you the highest quality compost available in the market!

Available in 50L bags