Worm Castings

Ideal as a soil amendment for enhancing soils for gardens, potted plants, and hanging plants, Micro Maxx Worm Castings are Mother Nature’s most complete natural plant food. Our castings are literally produced by an Army of African Night Crawler earthworm as it takes over 20,000 worms to produce every cubic yard of our premium organic worm castings.

When it comes to worm castings, not all of our competitors create premium castings. Our production facility utilizes only African Night Crawlers for their ability to produce higher quality castings, superior in both quality and texture. To create the best quality castings, we provide the highest quality of care, environment, and diet possible for our Army. Our worms are fed a strict organic diet rich in vegetative media with organic grains and a humus rich peat. This specialized diet provides the Army with the nutrients and resources to produce Micro Maxx Worm Castings, the industry’s PREMIUM worm castings.

Available in 30L bags or 2000 lb. bulk tote