Hydroponic Nutrients


Specially formulated to provide a robust start to the plant during the early growth cycle. Devised to deliver minimal heavy metals and low ash during this cycle. Grow is the first in a three part nutrient cycle application and to be used in conjunction with Micronutrient 5-0-1 and Bloom 0-5-4.

Micronutrient 5-0-1

Specifically blended to allow the plant maximum uptake of essential micro nutrients necessary for the proper balance of essential micro nutrients that the plant requires. Micronutrient 5-0-1 is the second in a three part nutrient cycle and to be used in conjunction with Grow and Bloom 0-5-4.

Bloom 0-5-4

Carefully formulated to permit the plant to reach its maximum potential while enhancing the cannabinoid levels to unprecedented levels. By combining Bloom 0-5-4 with Grow and Micronutrient 5-0-1, you can be assured that you can maximize your plant potential both in growth and yield.


Derived from Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg), CalMag is formulated to provide the proper ratio of Ca/Mg to enhance vigorous plant growth as well as supplying Ca/Mg to deficient plants. Can be used as a supplement during the growing cycle.

KMaxx 0-0-58

A high quality Potassium (K) low in heavy metals. Available as a soluble powder to provide a high level of K in the final stages of growth ensuring optimum plant enhancement.

Dry Soluble Molasses

All natural source of carbohydrates. Dry Soluble Molasses is 96% soluble in liquid and provides an excellent source of carbohydrates to your plant to maximize sugars.