Granular Humic

Soluble 80 Powder

A 99% water soluble Humic powder that has been designed primarily for fertigation systems or liquid nutrient tank applications; Advantage Organics Soluble 80 contains a highly refined Humic acid for the ultimate in absorbable nutrients for the plants during the growing season.

Available in 10 lb. or 50 lb. pails.

Rapid Release Humic Granule

A soluble mini granule containing 80% humic acid infused with Advantage Organics Fulvic Acid, the Advantage Organics Rapid Release Granules have been specially formulated to be blended with Urea based dry fertilizers and applied for early or in season maintenance applications. These granules are extremely stable in fertilizer blends as well as providing excellent solubility and allows for the rapid decomposition in the soils to allow the rich carbon and organic acids to be plant available to the rhizosphere.

Available in 50 lb. bags or 2000 lb. bulk totes.